Lake School Field Intensive

Practicing Secchi disk readings off the Lake School Pontoon boat

Lake School is an immersive three-day field experience for high school or early college students to explore lake, forest, and wetland ecosystems.

Using the Van Dorne Sampler to take a grab sample of a specific depth

Over three days, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of watershed science. Whether looking to gain skills, build a resume, or simply explore if the environment is something you’d like to learn more about, this course has what you’re looking for!

Examining macroinvertebrates from the Steven’s Brook

What to Expect

Starting at the Highland Research Forest, we will explore the connections between forests and clean water in the woods and along a wetland complex. After hiking we will take to the water in kayaks and pontoon to learn more about LEA’s research buoy, and then follow the Steven’s Brook from Highland to Long Lake, learning about riparian zones, river ecology, bioassessment and human use along stream banks. We’ll collect a variety of field and data samples, bringing them back to the Maine Lake Science Center Lab for analysis. Finally, we’ll end with a day of more headwaters exploration and connecting everything back to clean water.

Running samples at the Science Center Lab

This course runs from July 16th-18th and is open to high school and college students ages 16-22. Course fee is $200 with a 25% discount for LEA members, and those who register before July 1, 2019! Please register by calling or emailing Alanna Doughty, 647-8580 or Scholarships are available on a need basis.

Opportunities for hands-on, placed based learning are few and far between. Join us outside and re-spark your love of learning!

Lakes Environmental Association, 230 Main Street, Bridgton, Maine, 04009