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Help needed to update lake depth maps

WHEN: Wednesday July 18, 2018 12:00 am

WHERE: Maine Lake Science Center, 51 Willett Road, Bridgton

Did you know that the depth maps for most of the lakes in this area were made in the 1950s using a simple rope and weight? This was a remarkable project at the time but the resulting maps lack the resolution needed to accurately estimate water volume and flow information needed for modern lake research. Thanks to today’s amazing technology, high resolution bathymetry (depth) data can be acquired without all the effort that went into past projects.  But it still takes a little time and having local knowledge about a particular waterbody makes the process go much smoother.

In an effort to produce high quality depth maps for the lakes and ponds of this area that can be used for research, LEA is looking for individuals interested in helping gather this data. This project, which is supported by the Maine Community Foundation, is in its second year and LEA would like to get as many lakes and ponds mapped as possible. Depth information is gathered using portable geo-located depth meters (aka fish finders) to survey entire waterbodies. Volunteers may survey with an LEA intern or independently. Units will be available for loan to trained lake association members.

Equipment set up and use training sessions for volunteers will be held at 5:30pm on June 27th and on July 18th.

Please register by calling or emailing Alyson:  207-647-3318,




Pictured is a new depth map of Keoka Lake in Waterford that was created by LEA and volunteers using portable depth mapping units.


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