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Starting off the milfoil season strong!

The crew has been trickling in with the finish of school (most crew members are high school or college students!) and they are getting right to work. The air might be warm but the water is still chilly.

Last week, the crew got started in the water, launching boats, gathering gear, and started pulling last year’s benthic barriers. Benthic barriers are tarps weighed down to help block sunlight from getting to the invasive milfoil. These benthic barriers will be taken and rebuilt so they can be used again this season. We started in Sebago Cove and the Songo River pulling the more shallow barriers while the water is still deep and chilly.

This week, the milfoil crew started removing the patch of over 100 benthic barriers in the north end of Sebago Cove. At the same time another crew worked to reassemble the barriers to be deployed again this year. We started the week strong by pulling 27 barriers and building 37 barriers today alone!

Later this week the crew will be finishing their dive training. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more frequent updates!

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