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World 4-Square Championships!

16th Annual Four-Square World Championships
The 2020 competition will be held on February 29, 5 pm at the Bridgton Academy Gymnasium. Advance registration is appreciated, please contact Peter Lowell at There will be day-of registration available. For more information, please click here.
Lakes Environmental Association would like to thank all the athletes who made the trip up to Bridgton, all the fans who cheered them on, Bridgton Academy for providing the venue, and Peter Lowell for, once again, organizing the event.  It was another spectacular show-down and some of our winners are starting to pile up the trophies…
The 2019 World Champions: 
Brittany Dunay, – 2019 Women’s Champion Division 1
Jordyn Gates, Jobes Team, – 2019 Women’s Champion Division 2
Alec Douglas, Jobes Team – 2019 Team Champion
Christian Housh, 2019 Men’s Champion Division 1
Nick Giglio, 2019 Men’s Champion Division 2
Michelle Carterk,  – 2019 Judge’s Champion
Daniella Montorzi, – 2019 Girls’ Champion
Sabian Hallin, – 2019 Boys’ Champion
Below are a few highlights of this year’s tournament:

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