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Why should you join LEA?

The answer is really pretty simple – to protect the lakes and waterways you love and on which our economy depends. If you are a shorefront property owner, you’ll be protecting your investment. Imagine if your favorite lake was covered with the green, smelly scum of an algae bloom. Could you enjoy boating or swimming if the shoreline was clogged with milfoil or some other invasive aquatic plant? And what would happen to the local economy if anything happened to our lakes? There’s a reason we are called the Lakes Region.

Summer visitors play the most important role in driving the local economies in the surrounding towns. Water quality is very important for residents as well. Shoreland owners pay a large share of property taxes reflecting their substantial investment in the land. A decline in these shoreland values would force towns to decrease services and/or raise taxes on inland landowners and businesses.

There are many threats facing our lakes. A single person, a family, even an association representing a cove, a road or an entire lake only speaks with a small voice that can easily be lost among all the competing interests. So those of us who care – really care – about our lakes need to speak in a voice loud enough to be heard. Our members often sum up the reason they join LEA in just three words: “Strength in numbers.”  Since 1970, LEA has been the voice for the Lakes Region’s extraordinary natural resources.

LEA’s staff, board, members and volunteers work every day to keep our lakes and ponds clean and clear. So please join us and help us protect the lake you love and all of Maine’s lakes.

If you have any questions about LEA or about becoming a member, or if you encounter any problems donating, please email Jenny O’Connor, LEA membership director, or call 207-647-8580.

Benefits of LEA Membership

  • Twice annual LEA newsletter mailed to you
  • Complimentary Clean Lake Check Ups on your property
  • Discounts on technical services (such as replanting plans)
  • Free or discounted admission to LEA educational events
  • Knowledge that you are part of a regional effort to protect our lakes and ponds
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