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Courtesy boat inspectors

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The first line of defense against invasive aquatic plants such as variable leaf and Eurasian water milfoil, hydrilla, water chestnut, and Brazilian elodea is Maine’s courtesy boat inspectors. Many new infestations occur in shallow waters near public boat launch facilities, so it’s obvious invasive plants move from lake to lake on the boats and equipment of unsuspecting boaters.

If people are the cause, they can also be the cure.  Since courtesy boat inspections started, the number of boats inspected has risen from just 2,848 in 2001 to 89,425 in 2021.

What do courtesy boat inspectors, often call CBIs, do? As boaters launch and remove their boats from the water, CBIs:

    • Discuss with boaters how invasive aquatic plants spread
    • Show boaters how to inspect boats and equipment for plant fragments
    • Urge boaters to inspect before and after every launch
    • Distribute information about invasive plants
    • Articulate Maine law regarding the transport of these plants
Video Links

Inspector Training video

Coordinator Training – Zoom recording

Where to Inspect – John McPhedran

History of the CBI Program – Maine Lakes Zoom Recording

CBI Mobile App training – DEP’s Becky Schaffner presents how to download and use the app – passcode is XT8m!j%8

Slideshows – Powerpoint and PDF

2022 Mobile app slideshow – PDF format

Boat Inspection Training – For BASS clubs and boating event organizers

Inspector Name Submission – if you have a long list you can send an excel file to

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