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Seasonal internships

We are done hiring for the 2022 season (although always good to check in about the Courtesy Boat Inspectors!) If you’re interested in seeing any of the programs to apply for next year we will gladly work with volunteers!

LEA’s summer internships are paid positions geared toward motivated and responsible college students with environmental or educational interests. Interns are required to complete a variety of tasks and work with many different individuals. The work environment is casual but busy and about 50 to 60 percent of the work is outdoors. And some is inside too!

Water-testing interns

Shannon collecting phosphorous samples. Phosphorous levels can let us know if there is potential for algae blooms, and if there may be an erosion issue on the lake.

Please note, these positions are filled for the 2022 season, see below for more opportunities. Water-testing interns are responsible for monitoring and collecting water samples from 40 lakes and ponds in the area. They work in teams of two, paired with another intern or a volunteer monitor. Interns test the clarity of the water using a Secchi disk, record oxygen and temperature values throughout the water column, and collect samples to test for chlorophyll, phosphorus, alkalinity, pH, conductivity, and color. They bring the samples to the LEA lab and prepare the chlorophyll and phosphorous samples and transport them to the Health and Environmental Testing Lab in Augusta. The interns run the remaining physical and chemical analyses at the LEA lab. The information is then entered into the master database. Interns must be comfortable in a canoe and be able to swim, as they will spend a good portion of their time on the water.

Water testing is the primary duty of the summer interns; however, some facility maintenance, trail work, courtesy boat inspecting (for invasive plants), computer work, and educational program work are also required. All training will be provided during orientation. The hours are generally 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, although some nights and weekends may be required. Driver’s license and access to a vehicle is preferred. 

If you are a college student studying in the field of natural sciences and are interested in a summer internship with LEA please click here to fill out the application and email with any questions or concerns. 

Intern preparing samples for phosphorus analysis
Hanna preparing samples for phosphorus analysis

Science Center Lab Internship

Please note, this position has been filled for the 2022 season, see below for other opportunities. The lab intern will work in the Maine Lake Science Center lab analyzing lake water samples for nutrients and chlorophyll under the guidance of LEA’s Research Director. The work will involve sample and solution preparation, labware cleaning, and analytical instrument operation. The internship will also include some field work collecting water samples and water quality measurements on nearby waterbodies, as well as basic lab and facilities upkeep. Prior chemistry lab experience is preferred. This position requires a detail-oriented and highly motivated individual and would be ideal for an individual pursuing a career in chemical, biological, or environmental sciences. Interested applicants should send a cover letter and resume to

CBI Kelly Baldwin with a fragment of Variable Leaf Milfoil

Courtesy Boat Inspectors

Please note, these positions have been filled for the 2022 season. Although not an intern position, LEA hires over 30 local Courtesy Boat Inspectors (CBIs) every summer season for area boat launches. This position is open to all, not just college students! CBIs are a line of defense against potential boat “travelers”, aquatic invasive plants and animals hitching a ride from the last water body to here. It is so important that we all do our part to ensure our boats are clean, drained, and dry as we move from place to place so we do not unwittingly contaminate our local waters. CBIs have flexible schedules at boat launches to check incoming and outgoing boats for plant hitchhikers, help to share the news with the public, and collectively stop some major hitchhikers from entering our waters. Please contact for more information or click here for an application.

Dawson using the suction harvester to aid milfoil removal.

Invasive Aquatic Plant Control Crew Members in the Lake Region

Milfoil crew members remove the invasive plant variable leaf milfoil from Long Lake, Brandy Pond, Sebago Lake, the Songo River and Sebago Cove in Naples via a suction-harvesting boat, benthic barriers, and hand pulling. Tasks include pulling the invasive plant under water, bagging plants, collecting plant fragments, disposing of plants, conducting plant surveys, monitoring diver safety, educating boaters on the threats of milfoil, and light boat and engine maintenance. All crew members receive dive and CPR training. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Check out our youtube page for some milfoil crew footage! 

Successful applicants demonstrate a strong work ethic, responsibility, a resilience to the dynamic weather of a Maine summer, and comfort working in and around boats. Applicants must be comfortable spending three to four hours in the water at a time. They must also be able to lift 50 lbs. and feel comfortable operating a motor boat. Driver’s license and access to a vehicle is preferred. If you are interested in a summer job removing milfoil with LEA, please email a resume and several references to  for consideration.


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