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Pondicherry Park


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The Park

Pondicherry Park is 66 acres of woodlands, wetlands, and fields in the heart of downtown Bridgton. It features two miles of walking trails and one mile of frontage on Stevens and Willett Brooks and recently a new one-way 0.7-mile accessible trail was added to the park. The new trail is wheelchair/ handicap accessible with hard-packed gravel and level paths with wide trails and low inclines. The park has numerous boardwalks, an educational amphitheater, historic Kneeland Spring, and multiple beautiful bridges spanning the brooks.

Pondicherry Park was created through a partnership with Loon Echo Land Trust, LEA, and abutting landowners. The land acquisition and trail creation were funded through generous foundations and private individuals. Pondicherry Park was donated to the town of Bridgton in 2012 with a conservation easement held by Loon Echo Land Trust.

Pondicherry is home to many species of wildlife and has numerous terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems that are conducive to hands-on environmental learning. For more information about LEA’s year-round nature walks and educational programs in the park check out our events calendar.

Use Guidelines:

Visit quietly from dawn to dusk                                                                                                                   

  • Keep pets at home
  • Park bicycles and vehicles outside
  • Stay on marked trails
  • Refrain from feeding the wildlife
  • Leave plants and animals undisturbed
  • Carry out all that you carry in
  • Camping and campfires are prohibited
  • Firearm use is illegal (town ordinance)
  • Enter at your own risk

Thank you for respecting the use guidelines.

Bob Dunning Memorial Bridgton                          

Bridgton Historical Society Virtual Tours:

The Bridgton Historical Society has reinvigorated its Virtual Tour Applications (“Apps”) for both the Pondicherry Park Trail Tour and the Downtown Bridgton Tour!

Download the app from your app store for free and take the tours!



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