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Have you ever walked through a fen or swamp? Wetlands are pretty difficult places to explore. They are, after all, wet. Frequently a bit mucky too and often boot “suctiony”.  Luckily for us, we have places like the Holt Pond Preserve, the Stevens Brook Trail, the Pinehaven Trail, Highland Research Forest, and Pondicherry Park.

Right here in our backyard we have the opportunity to walk out onto a floating sphagnum moss mat, see beavers active at work or access islands surrounded by wetlands thanks to well developed trail systems that LEA has initiated.  These trails and boardwalks allow access to areas that previously would have required waders and a lot of stamina.  However, now you can get to these places in a good pair of shoes and they present an amazing educational backdrop for residents and visitors alike.

Step one, make things accessible. Step two, explore and discover. Step three, protect and enjoy.

On any given day you might meet an avid birder exploring the Holt Pond Preserve, watch a local fly fisherman on the Stevens Brook Trail, come across a group of local students collecting and identifying aquatic bugs in Pondicherry Park, or hear the happy squeal of children as they attempt the low elements challenge course on the Pinehaven Trail. These are magical places and we hope to see you on the trail!

Thanks to funding by the Fields Pond Foundation, we are using people counters to gather data about trail use. This data helps us to better understand and manage our trails and can also be used when applying for grants and other funding.  Here is link to the people counters​​ we use:


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