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There are many things you can do as a landowner to help keep our lakes clean. Even if you don’t live directly on the water, the actions that you take on your property can affect water quality. Did you know, soil erosion carries phosphorus into waterbodies triggering algae blooms? 

Some of the most important things you can do as a landowner are:

  • Leave shoreline plants or add more
  • Maintain gravel roads and driveway
  • Use erosion control during construction
  • Pump your septic
  • Minimize your lawn

Check out some of the links below or on the left to see what you can do!

Vegetative Clearing Standards 

Native Plant Suppliers

Local Certified Contractors (DEP Database)

Native Plant Finder

Fertilizers and pesticides

Need more help? Learn more about getting a Clean Lake Check-Up or a LakeSmart evaluation!

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