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Planned Giving

Ways to Give – Gift Planning

Remembering LEA in your planning helps assure a strong lake protection program. Because we all have a strong emotional and economic investment in clean lakes, it is essential that LEA remain on the cutting edge of lake science, education and advocacy. There are many ways to make a gift to LEA. We welcome gifts by check or credit card, by mail, phone, or online. Contributions of appreciated securities or stock, corporate matching gifts, or planned gifts are also welcome. If you wish to mail your gift, make your check payable to “Lakes Environmental Association” and send it to 230 Main Street, Bridgton, Maine 04009. LEA’s Federal Charity ID Number is: 23-7120682. Here are some options for making a gift to LEA:

1) Making a Bequest Provision for LEA

You can remember LEA through a simple provision in your estate. Whether giving through your will, living trust, life insurance policy or qualified retirement plan, you should make your designation for “Lakes Environmental Association, a charitable and environmental institution in Bridgton, Maine.”  Find out more about joining LEA’s Lakes Legacy League.

2) Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Stock and mutual fund donations are a welcome way to support LEA.  Such donations are handled through our Vanguard account.  If you are making a gift of mutual funds or securities through a financial institution, here is the process. Call LEA (207-647-8580) to get our brokerage account number, then call Vanguard (800-992-8327) and provide the account number, explaining that a gift of securities is being made to LEA. Vanguard will ask for the Depository Trust Company Number. For gifts of Vanguard mutual funds, the DTC # is 5772. For gifts of non-Vanguard funds or stock, the DTC # is 0062. If you are making a gift of mutual funds or securities from your Vanguard account to LEA’s Vanguard account, you should ask Vanguard for the appropriate form to fill out. Here is a link to the Vanguard home page forms section.

3) Give a Gift Membership

Give a gift that keeps on giving! Gift memberships are a great way to help your family and friends support clean lakes.

4) Gifts That Give Back to the Donor

There is also an assortment of mutually beneficial arrangements that provide a variety of benefits, including, lifetime income, capital gains tax savings, income tax deductibility, and state tax savings. These significant benefits enable many donors to leverage their support to LEA.

Charitable Gift Annuity – The charitable gift annuity is a simple contract in which LEA commits to pay you and up to one other beneficiary a lifetime income. Payments are fixed and backed by the full assets of the association. The rate paid by the annuity is determined by the age/s of the income beneficiary/ies, and a portion of the income may be tax advantaged.

Charitable Remainder Trust – A charitable remainder trust is an individually managed life income arrangement that offers additional flexibility to donors in terms of the funding assets used to establish the trust and the management of the trust assets. One or two income beneficiaries may receive payments over their lifetimes or over a predetermined term of up to 20 years. In addition to cash or marketable securities, charitable remainder trusts can accept a variety of funding assets including real estate, privately held stock, art, antiques, or other collectible items.

Please contact Colin Holme ( or Jenny O’Connor ( for more information. 207-647-8580

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