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Encore/Coda Benefit Concert

Monday, July 15 at 7:30pm

For over 20 years Deertrees Theatre in Harrison has hosted our annual Encore/Coda benefit concert.  Every year the musicians, both students and counselors, donate their time and incredible talent to bring us an amazing concert featuring classical chamber music. The program for this year’s concert hasn’t been determined yet but it is sure to be wonderful.

This year the concert is sponsored by the wonderful J. Decor in Bridgton. Their shop on Main Street is a wonderful place to visit. Visit their website by clicking here.

Proceeds from the benefit will help LEA continue our valuable programs, including education, water testing, milfoil removal and much more. To buy tickets please click here. Please encourage your friends and family to support this great event. Enjoy this clip from the 2016 Encore/Coda Concert:

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