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Casco Bay Estuary Partnership “State of the Bay”

WHEN: Tuesday April 19, 2022 6:00 pm - 19:00:00

WHERE: Zoom Room!

Please join the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership for a summary of findings from their “State of the Bay” report. This is where you say “Isn’t LEA a Lake Association!? What does that have to do with Casco Bay?!” And we let you in on a little secret — we are in the Casco Bay watershed! Much of the water in the lakes, ponds, streams, and wetlands in LEA’s service area drains into the Casco Bay! What we do inland affects all that is downstream. During this webinar we’ll discuss the most recent “State of Casco Bay” report and learn how conditions are changing in the watershed, specifically stormwater infrastructure, inland water quality, land use changes and climate preparedness. The data points to signs of hope for our watershed, and also shows signs of trouble on the horizon. Please join us to learn more to see how we can work together to continue to send good things downstream! For more information about the Casco Bay Estuary Partnership please check out their website: and for a link to the December 2021 State of the Bay report please click here. Registration is now closed, please email if you’re interested in joining us!

The Casco Bay watershed is highlighted above and includes much of LEA’s service area!

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