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Macroinvertebrates in Willett Brook

WHEN: Tuesday May 15, 2018 2:00 pm - 16:00:00

WHERE: Maine Lakes Science Center, 51 Willett Road, Bridgton

What is a macroinvertebrate? If I tell you, you may never swim again. Just joking! There are lots of fabulous creepy crawlies in the water- things that grow and hatch into some really important insects- mayflies, stoneflies and dragonflies, and some more obnoxious things- mosquitoes, midges, and black flies. Macroinvertebrates can show us the water quality in a body of water because different species have different pollution tolerance levels- how cool is that? We hope you can join us for an afternoon of collecting, identifying, and learning about these special creatures in the water. We will meet at the Science Center at 2 pm and gear up to head down to the brook. Need boots? No problem! Let us know and we will bring you a pair to borrow. Be prepared for an afternoon outside down by the water. FMI

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