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Shoreline Stabilization Practices for Inland Waters

WHEN: Thursday February 2, 2023 8:00 am - 12:00:00

WHERE: LEA Maine Lake Science Center, 51 Willett Road, Bridgton

Soil erosion is not only a source of nonpoint source pollution, but it can also threaten structures and other development along waterbodies. Historically, there was a single approach to shoreline erosion:  fill the shoreline with rock or riprap without regard to the ecological functions of the shoreline. While this approach can be successful in solving the erosion problem when done correctly, we now know it creates other problems for waterbodies and wildlife.

Shoreline erosion can be tied to several factors, and finding an appropriate solution requires an understanding of each reason behind the erosion. In this class, participants will be exposed to the factors leading to shoreline erosion, how land use and behavior affect shorelines, state permitting standards related to shoreline stabilization, the importance of vegetation and other natural processes in stabilization of shorelines, and how to minimize impacts to the water on shoreline projects.

Fee is $60 and includes morning refreshments (group rates available).  Register here

For questions, contact Alyson at or 207-647-3318, ext. 117.

This class qualifies for 4 Continuing Education Hours (CEH) for individuals Certified in Erosion Control Practices by Maine DEP. Each CEH afford Certified individuals one year of recertification.

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