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Annual Meeting

On August 24th, 2021, we held our 51st annual meeting at Camp Skylemar in Naples. The gathering was held outdoors in Skylemar’s new beautiful pavilion and dinner and the venue was generously donated by the Camp.

LEA's treasurer, Charlie Tarbel presenting at their Annual Meeting
LEA’s treasurer, Charlie Tarbel presenting at LEA’s Annual Meeting

During the meal, board members and staff presented highlights about LEA’s programs including milfoil removal efforts, school and adult education, research and monitoring, LakeSmart, Courtesy Boat Inspections and more.

Colin Holme, executive director, presented volunteer awards to both Orrin Shane and Roy Lambert for their hard work and dedication to protecting Maine’s lakes and ponds as long-standing board members.

Dottie and Drew Bets were given the People of the Year award for their support of the milfoil removal program. LEA has been using their peninsula as a hub to access the Songo River, Sebago Cove and Sebago Lake for the last eight years. LEA’s Alanna Doughty also expressed great appreciation for Joe and Lynn Borst on the Northwest River, Four Seasons Campground on Long Lake, and the Sebago Cove Association for dock and storage space.    

Educator and Courtesy Boat Inspector coordinator, Mary Jewett, emphasized that the fight against milfoil is not just about milfoil. There are several other invasive aquatic species that are encroaching our waters. She underscored that prevention and early detection are going to be key to success in the fight against these invaders and we are fortunate to have a robust Courtesy Boat Inspection program.

Staff also discussed LEA’s education efforts including guided nature walks, Lake Ecology School, and a close relationship with Lake Region and Oxford Hills School Districts.

LEA’s Research Director, Ben Peierls, talked about new technology at the Maine Lake Science Center, including an automated nutrient analyzer and flow-imaging microscope which categorizes, counts, and documents algae species from lake water samples. He also touched on partnering with local lake associations to conduct year-round water monitoring and LEA’s high-tech buoys.

Attendees were encouraged to get involved in the Clean Lake Check Up program which starts with a site visit to identify possible property improvements to protect water quality and prevent erosion. Lauren Pickford also described a multi-year project to improve fish and wildlife connectivity in our streams and prevent flooding by replacing old, undersized culverts.

The meeting adjourned with a welcoming of new board members and a walk led by the Camp to enjoy a spectacular sunset.

people watching slideshow presentation under pavillion
Camp Skylemar’s beautiful venue was generously donated by the camp.

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