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Woodland Owner Appreciation Day

Hey Folks, Alanna here to invite you to come meet some of my favorite people in the woods. I wish I had known more of them when I was getting ready to harvest land in Sebago, things might look a little different there now. But, as forests do, it is reseeding pine and beginning a new cycle of growth, and I cherish that trees keep on keeping on. We know how important trees are for lots of different things, and we want to thank you for having forested land in the watershed, because the trees act as a natural filter and keep our waters clean and clear. Maine, and our watershed is under incredible pressure to develop, which would have major impacts on our water quality (not to mention way of life!). We hope we can share some tools to keep your woods forested for many years to come. Plus we’ll give you lunch and offer water from Sebago and beer made from water in the watershed too. 

Obviously this year, we’ll have to be further apart! And you wont get to see our smiles behind our woodland-themed masks. But, we can still share some stories and some knowledge.

Schedule of the afternoon:

12:00-12:30 Welcome and remarks from organizations that appreciate your woodlands

12:30-1:45 Complimentary lunch and time to enter the raffle for prizes. Mingling with woodland professionals to chat about your questions.

1:45-3:30 Walks and discussions throughout the Tree farm with local forestry and wildlife professionals.

3:30-4:00 Raffle prize drawings and local brews (brewed with water from Sebago Lake!)

We hope you can join us to celebrate woodlands and waters and a lovely afternoon in the forest.

Registration is required and space is limited!  To register, please click here. For more information, please contact or call (207) 647-8580.

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