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Songo River

The Songo River in Naples, one of Maine’s busiest waterways, is 3.1 miles long and connects Long Lake and Brandy Pond with Sebago Lake. Separating the upper and lower river is Songo Lock, the only remaining operational lock of the Cumberland and Oxford Canal. The lock was completed two years before the Town of Naples was incorporated in 1834.

LEA’s Milfoil Crew on the Songo River. The Songo River is infested with variable leaf milfoil. The extent of the well-established infestation in the river was documented in 2003 by LEA.  In 2004, LEA found milfoil in Brandy Pond, which had appeared clean after a Maine DEP survey a few years earlier.  After more than a decade of extensive work on the river, the section above the lock is functionally clear of milfoil and requires only periodic removal of scattered new growth.  The section below the lock is regularly cleared of milfoil but still has persistent regrowth that we address every year. Please visit our Songo River and Brandy Pond milfoil page for more information on this project.

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