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And the buoys are out!

After determining, ordering and completing parts replacements, reconfiguration, calibrating, aligning, and computer pairing, the buoys are out on Highland Lake and Long Lake! These automated buoys send info to the Science Center every fifteen minutes during the testing season. Sensors hanging through the water column under the buoy and others on the buoy measure temperature, clarity, oxygen, chlorophyll, and weather levels and help us to gather a significant data set to help us better understand how vulnerable our lakes are to algae blooms, and factors that affect them. The buoys are part of the Global Lake Ecology Observation Network (GLEON), a collection of lake monitoring sites located all over the world. Check out for more information about the network, and stay tuned for more sharing of data from the buoys!

The Portland Water District also has a buoy deployed in Sebago Lake and has data on their site from past years. Unfortunately, this year they will not deploy their buoy.


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