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Are Downpours Downpouring your Driveway?

Hi folks, we saw a spring of so little rain, and then lately it feels like whenever it is raining we are getting hammered! The dry spells leave the ground surface scorched and unable to soak in the rain very easily (think of cleaning up a spill with a dry hard sponge), and the heavy rain on top of that results in fast-moving runoff that wreaks havoc on our driveways and camp roads. As we all know- the faster the water, the more soil particles it picks up and moves downhill, and since phosphorous rides those soil particles like a wild pony, it often means nutrient accumulation in our ponds and lakes. That leads to more algae, and eventually dissolved oxygen depletion in the water column and loss of habitat for many of our aquatic species. Bad news bears.

Fortunately, as intelligent humans, we have best management practices to keep soil from moving to the water, and just need a little help implementing them. The DEP has a list of certified erosion control contractors who can help you get things squared away before your land is washed away. And, they list more reasons to work with someone who is certified in soil and erosion control, as if you weren’t already convinced. Check it out and keep your land out of the lake!

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