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Outdoor Learning continues

Although Covid has affected many aspects of our life, the one thing that remains true is that the outdoors is an incredibly diverse and engaging learning environment. Throughout the summer, Mary and Alanna kept in contact with the schools and administrators to determine if we’d be able to continue to be a part of the curriculum, and we discovered if we met classes outside and wear our masks, we can get in a great amount of learning time. Other options include checking out our resource page on our website, and the educational videos we’ve created and put up on our youtube page.

So far things have been going great, despite a run-in with a ground wasp nest… we are currently in Harrison Elementary, Stevens Brook Elementary, and Lake Region Middle School and High School.

Are you a teacher or parent in need of some resources? Check out our Teacher/ Parent page or contact us: or

Also- we are looking for gently worn gloves, winter mitts, hats, coats and snowpants (and snowshoes) for students grades 4-8. Sizes 10-14 primarily, but will take whatever you’ve got! We are keen to give students an opportunity to continue to learn throughout the school year, but they need to be comfortable to do that! Please contact us above if you’d like to drop off gear at our 230 Main Street location and keep the learning going!

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