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Sea Sledding on Long Lake for milfoil

Ever wonder how we survey for milfoil in big big lakes for little tiny plants? Much of the milfoil work on Long Lake and during survey work for other lakes (Moose Pond, Keoka Lake and Peabody Pond to name a few) involves being hauled behind a boat on a “planing” board- tip it up to go to the surface and take a breath, tip it down to go down to check out the plants (or bull head, bass, turtles, or to pick up a golf ball, ahem). If you see milfoil, let go and go get it- the boat will circle back around to get you! Of course we only do this in open water- in small coves we use fins and snorkels to survey. Crew members Lucien and Emily took some footage last week on Long Lake to show everyone this one aspect of our milfoil work in the area. Check it out!

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