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With wind and rain comes fall turnover!

Dropping temperatures start the process — the lower air temperatures start to change the surface pond and lake temperature, and because water is SO AWESOME, this increases the density of the surface water, and it starts to sink down through the layered lake (the layers set up in late spring and have been there all summer). The increasing winds this week and the influx of rain water from heavy precipitation continued the mixing of the lake and we can probably say safely that the area lakes have experienced fall turnover! Happy Hallowturnover!

We still have our HOBO temperature sensors in (have you seen the buoys?) and will have more precise turnover dates for lakes once we pull those and analyze all the data! For more information about fall turnover, please visit this website: If you’re good with the info above, here is a graphic from the website above depicting turnover:

Water is so cool.

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