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Christmas Bird Count – Sweden Circle

Thank you for volunteering for the 2021 Audubon Christmas Bird Count.

General Information

  • The date for the 2020/21 Christmas Bird Count is Tuesday, December 28, 2021.
  • The storm date is the first storm-free day after that.
  • You can participate in the field (Field Counter) or watch your feeders (Feeder Counter). See links below for more information.
  • All are welcome to join the count. You must sign up in advance by contacting Mary Jewett (207-420-0553). Email:
  • Visit the Audubon website for their COVID guidelines. Most people have their own comfort level regarding COVID protocols. Each field team needs to communicate ahead of time about what they are comfortable with during the count.


  • Field Counter Leader Instructions – How to conduct a field count. Each section of the count circle should have a field leader, who keeps track of the count information.
  • Leaders Field Report Form – This form should be given to Mary at the end of count day, or at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Field Tally Sheet – List of birds most likely to be seen during the count.
  • Rare Bird Report Form – If a rare bird is seen during the count, this form needs to be submitted with the other paperwork. Detailed description will be needed, with a photo if possible.
  • Feeder watcher tally and instructions – For those staying in and counting from home. These forms should be called in or mailed to Mary as soon as possible after count day. If you would like to add your birds to our feeder tally please contact Mary.
  • Sweden Circle Map – This map shows the boundaries of our count. If you would like to be part of the field count please contact Mary to be assigned to a section.

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