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Wind Birds in the Land of the Midnight Sun

WHEN: Wednesday 16th of October 2019, 05:00 PM - 06:00 PM

WHERE: Maine Lake Science Center, 51 Willett Road

Join us for a beautiful, adventurous presentation with Deborah Perkins from First Light Wildlife Habitat. She will share her experiences from her graduate research on Arctic-breeding shorebirds in the Eastern Canadian Arctic. You’ll be guided on a virtual tour of what it’s like to work and live in a remote Arctic field camp with just a handful of other biologists. Learn about how the team handled wind storms, polar bears, and the challenges of running a laboratory in a canvas tent.

Experience the feeling of being immersed in the study of birds and their relationship to the highly dynamic tundra environment. Deb will also discuss how climate change is threatening Arctic wildlife and Inuit cultures.

Please contact to register. $5 LEA members, $10 non-members.

Photo by Micheal Quinton/ Minden Photography

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