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Highland Lake Live Data

The graphs below are created from live data from the Highland Lake buoy and updated every 15 minutes while the buoy is in the water ( typically May – November).

This graph shows temperature at different depths throughout the water column. Sensors are placed every other meter (3.28 feet) from the surface to the bottom. As the season progresses, the temperature variation between the layers will grow. During spring and fall turnover, the temperature readings will come back together and this allows for mixing. As summer progresses, the lake stratifies and lake mixing is greatly diminished.

This graph depicts dissolved oxygen conditions throughout Highland Lake. Oxygen conditions in the 8-10 ppm range indicate that water is saturated or nearly saturated with oxygen. When levels get below 5 ppm, deep water fish are stressed and may die. When levels get below 2 ppm, the sediment water interface changes and nutrients can be re-released into the water column from the sediments. Notice the daily fluctuations in the data.

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