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Woodland Owner Appreciation Day

In spite of the turmoil and uncertainty that we’re facing on multiple fronts, I find it calming and reassuring that nature continues on. Butterflies and birds migrate, seasons come and go, and the trees in the forest continue their annual addition of another growth ring. Which means decisions about land management will eventually need to happen, whether it’s in the evening news or not. The decision of when and how to harvest, and who to work with can be daunting. A growing number of programs and resources exist, but maybe as a landowner you’re interested in increasing habitat for certain game species, or for migratory birds. Maybe you need a new roof on your house but would like to harvest in a way that is sustainable for the woodlot. Or maybe you’re wondering why harvest at all.

The Lakes Environmental Association, with partners from the Maine Forest Service, Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Maine Audubon, Portland Water District, Maine Tree Farmers, Maine Woodland Owners, Loon Echo and Western Foothills Land Trusts, foresters and Sebago Clean Waters invite forested landowners in the Sebago Lake and Saco River watersheds to join us for the third annual Woodland Owner Appreciation Day, September 19th, from 12-4 pm.

The afternoon in Bridgton will include lunch, woods walks, discussion, resource sharing and connection with local professionals will walk you through the options you have for your forested land based on your needs and goals (and beer brewed with water from the Sebago lake watershed). Partners will share their knowledge and experience with you, we will hear from you what concerns you have and resources you need, and we all gain a better understanding of the vital role forests play in protecting our clean water and way of life here in Maine. That’s right, forested are vital to our clean water! Because of the huge developmental pressure we face in Maine, keeping forests as forests is a major concern for habitat, climate resiliency, and clean water. If you’re a landowner with 10 or more forested acres in the watershed and interested in joining us, please visit Eventbrite for more information and to register. Registration is free, but required (closes 9/14!). You can also email with any questions.

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